Our Mission

We extract, restructure, and process data from all types of documents and forms, including web pages, PDFs, DOC files, and more. We handle all phases of the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process.
We specialize in transforming complex, unstructured data into accurate, actionable data – from any format to any format. Do you have a difficult problem that no one else can solve? We have almost 20 years of data collection and processing experience. AddToIt can help!
We provide services in both English and Chinese. All of our work is performed in the US, and is governed by US contractual law.

Principal Services

PDF Data Extraction

  • We can extract specific sections of documents
  • We can read a large volume of sources with various but repetitive layouts
  • Our software can tolerate variation between documents

Web Scraping

  • We specialize in high-volume web extraction
  • Our scraping is gentle and hard to detect by the target site
  • We provide Captcha and ReCaptcha bypass capabilities
  • Our scrapers can submit forms and perform searches

Examples of Services

  • Collect competitions' pricing to drive your own pricing strategy.
  • Collect business listings by segment or geography.